~ fashion as unique as you are ~

 Are you interested in sustainable fashion choices? Holistic health options? Yoga and meditation? Pro-aging over anti-aging? Being body positive and stepping into your own power? 

How about...Wine, shopping and all things dog and otherwise nonsense related? 

Well then you have come to the right place!

We are all about that and so much more! Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for women to step into their own unique beauty, power and style while creating a supportive and kick ass community.

Welcome Lovely...we're so glad you are here! 



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Hello Lovelies!


My name is Jen...or as some of my friends like to call me, Lovely Jen (it's a long, but lovely story how I came to be called that) and I am the sole proprietor of Hello Lovely.

When I am out shopping and come across something I really like my response is typically, “ooooh, hello lovely!” Which is typically followed up with, "you're coming home with me!"

It’s not said in a quiet whisper either...it’s said boldly and with emphasis to the point where the person standing next to me will move a little further away...

I have always wanted to create a shop that embraces the same joy and enthusiasm that comes from finding that most unexpected treasure. One where you feel free to explore new styles and colors in a fun and supportive environment. A place where you can connect with a community of likeminded shoppers for a unique shopping experience. And thus, Hello Lovely was born.

At Hello Lovely I take great care when curating items for the shop so that women of all ages and stages of life are being represented and supported allowing them to be unapologetically themselves.

Hello Lovely carries a large selection of consignment fashion and accessories as well as a smaller retail section that has been curated using select women owned companies who share similar values on providing sustainable fashion choices. Hello Lovely also carries a small selection of previously owned home decor, because we find that your personal style is more than just the clothing you wear it's also about the items you choose for your home. We take pride in being able to support your savvy shopping style across the board.

Because of the nature of consignment you will find that our inventory is ever changing which allows us to provide you with an endless selection of unique and globally sourced items. Look like a world traveler without leaving the country...and don't worry, your secret is safe with us!

Thanks for being lovely ~


Owner, curator, stylist

Note: Special thanks to Kristen Juliana Photography for capturing so many of the beautiful images used on this site. 




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