Thank you for being lovely!


I send friends, family and patients to Hello Lovely and do you know why? It isn't because of the amazing sense of style the owner, Jen Cavanaugh Mathieson, has...which she does. And it isn't because of the idea of how it benefits the environment to buy recycled clothes...which it does. And it isn't because of the variety in prices, styles and sizes in the shop...which it has. It is because whenever I send people, or bring my daughters - one size 6 and one size 12 - they both come out feeling good about themselves and it isn't just because of the great finds they buy. It is because Jen curates not only all of the things I listed above, but most importantly, she curates a culture within her shop of age- and body-acceptance, of loving yourself through all stages of change and life, and that is what I want my daughters, the women I love and the women or female-identified individuals I work with to know

Robin B

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