Next Level Service

Have you ever taken a look in the mirror and wondered who that woman was staring back at you? Or stood in front of a closet full of clothes you used to adore and question why you ever purchased them? 

As women we are constantly changing and evolving. We are multitaskers and care givers and over achievers and sometimes it all catches up with us. 

It's often subtle and happens over time and through circumstance, but once the realization happens it can often cause us to feel lost.

Style consultations will give you the opportunity to pause, reflect and reimagine your style to align with where you are at this moment. We will do a few brief "exercises" to help you clear through the clutter and get a clearer picture of what feels right to you. Together we will look through the racks and consider colors, cuts and styles that make you feel like the bad ass beauty that you are. 

Style consultations are 60 minutes long and done either before or after shop hours. Rates start at $75 with an additional charge for each 30 minutes after that with a maximum time of 2 hours. A 20% off discount will also be applied to any purchase made during your consultation. Should you not use your discount that day it will remain valid for a one time use within the next 30 days, because we know the inventory is changing daily in the consignment world and some decisions can't be rushed.

Appointments are limited so book yours now by clicking the "get in touch" button below and sending us an email with the subject line Style Consultation. 

Feel free to email Jen@hellolovelynh.com if you have any additional questions