What we are doing and what we need you to do.

First and foremost, for the health and well being of everyone masks are mandatory before entering the shop and must remain secure for the duration of your visit. They may be removed while in the dressing room, but should be replaced before exiting the room.

While we are now allowed to be at full capacity we ask that you respect social distancing guidelines when possible.

The dressing room will be wiped down and sprayed with disinfectant after each use. All hard surfaces will be wiped down throughout the day and the POS will be wiped down after each transaction.

Air purifiers have been placed in the e front and rear of the shop for optimal air quality.

We have hand sanitizer at the front desk should you want to use it. 

For those who still feel uneasy about shopping around other individuals the shop will be open by appointment on Wednesdays. Please see the "How to book an appointment" tab for more information.

And please...if you are or recently had been running a fever or knowingly have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid 19 we ask you to kindly NOT plan to come to the shop. While we will not be taking temperatures at the door we will ask anyone to leave who is showing visible signs of being ill, ie.coughing or sneezing in excessive amounts for the safety of our community. 

I will be posting items on our instagram account that will be available for over the phone purchase and curbside pickup if needed so please utilize that option until you are healthy. 

Please and thank you ~



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