Our least part of it

Back in March of 2020 I signed a lease for a sweet little location in Portsmouth, NH to open my dream shop. One week later the country went into a 2 week quarantine before heading into a 6 week shelter in place due to Covid 19 being declared a pandemic.

On April 1, 2020 I was given the keys to 92 Pleasant Street in Portsmouth...the new home of Hello Lovely. It seemed quite fitting actually that this all happens on April 1st...because trying to open a brick and mortar shop in the midst of a global pandemic has got to be some kind of joke, right?!?

Well, game on!  My husband always jokes that some of my favorite finds and favorite relationships have a great story that goes along with them. Hello Lovely now had one heck of an introduction to her story!

This story began where many would think it should end, but because of the tremendous amount of love, support and encouragement I received from not only my close family and friends, but from the amazing community of small businesses owners on the Seacoast and the loveliest of local customers I knew something special was happening and was determined to see it through. Besides, I had made a very special promise to a very special person just days before she passed away form breast cancer that I would live life to the fullest, because she couldn' I really had no choice. A promise is a promise.

So as this quote says..."I will continue to pursue my dreams and rejuvenate my plans while hoping to inspire others to do the same."

I look forward to curating each chapter of this lovely story and meeting all the vibrant and colorful characters who will no doubt add their unique style and flair!